20.12.10 by Jeff

Peter Wegner

“Buildings made of sky”, photos by Peter Wegner.

Buildings made of sky photos by Artist Peter Wegner
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11.10.10 by Jeff

Lisa Dahl

Altered photographs by Lisa Dahl.

artist painter painting lisa dahl
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07.07.10 by Jeff

Small Victories / Submissions

Here are the rest of the submission to our Small Victories project. My apologies for taking so long to get these online! In my defense it really does take a long time to scan in each photo by hand, but there’s no excuse! Many of these photos travelled with me to Hong Kong but the size of the gallery dictated the amount of work we could display.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in this project, you’ve all contributed to something really special here! I am excited to continue collaborating with all of you.

booooooom project
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28.06.10 by Jeff

Espen Friberg

Photos by Espen Friberg.

espen friberg
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16.11.09 by Jeff

Thank You!

Reid (Lifetime) and I would like to thank the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of you that came out to the art show on Friday! It was overwhelming! Big thanks to Savoury Chef for providing all of the delicious food, the mini Vietnamese subs were a huge hit! If you’re hosting an event in Vancouver you need to let them handle the catering! Thanks to Phono for the music and Kale Friesen for shooting photos!

tangents art show vancouver event photos lifetime booooooom

The gallery side was packed the whole night and the lounge side (with the music and food) quickly turned into quite a party. If you were there, leave a comment!

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18.12.08 by Jeff

2008 in Photos!

The Big Picture continues to prove it is best photo blog on the entire internet. They are currently posting 2008 in Photographs in three installments. Get over there to see the full-size photos, they are incredible.

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09.06.08 by Jeff

I want to be a photographer.

I upgraded my Flickr account to “PRO” the other day. I am still miles lightyears away from pro status in terms of actual skill but the “PRO” account allows me to upload to my heart’s content a.k.a. upload every photo I have ever taken since birth. Three years ago today, I was in Sri Lanka building houses after the tsunami. I found a couple discs of photos from my time there and picked a few to throw up on here.

This man is Karuna, he ran the little surfers’ hotel we lived in for a month.

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