04.03.09 by Jeff

Patrick Tobin

Patrick Tobin loves polaroids! (me too)

patrick tobin ten minutes photography photographer holga polaroid film
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02.03.09 by Jeff

Andy Bloxham

Some fun with polaroids by Andy Bloxham.

andy bloxham polaroid photographer photography
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27.02.09 by Jeff

Nina Hartmann

Photos by Nina Hartmann!

nina hartmann photography photographer polaroid film
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04.08.08 by Jeff

Polaroid Love!

A ton of awesome work has been submitted to both Booooooom Projects so far, so if you haven’t already browsed the Project Galleries, you’re really missing out. Kalli sent me a couple gorgeous photos last week for Booooooom Project #2 and I quickly emailed her back to see if she had any more I could see. She actually went to the trouble of scanning in a ton of her polaroids and even signed up at Flickr just to share them with me.

So here’s some more incentive to get involved in the projects – from time to time I will feature work, submitted to the projects, on the main page. Here’s a quick look at some great polaroid photography by Kalli Anne.

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