14.01.10 by Jeff

Porous Walker

If you could print this out and post it all around your neighborhood Porous Walker would really appreciate it!

porous walker lost job flyer

Seriously, here’s the big version.

30.06.09 by Jeff

A meowing package!

Porous Walker just me over an envelope with this written on it:

porous walker meow artist san francisco

And by some sort of magic (a small electronic device), the package really was meowing! Sadly, there were no kittens inside, but there was $115,000 and some other random goodies!

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01.04.09 by Jeff

Porous Walker

Porous Walker wrote me a nice message notifying me that he had arranged for a horse and buggy to pick me up from Vancouver to come to his show in SF haha. FecalFace just posted some preview photos of Me Vs. Me which opens Saturday April 4, 2009 at Receiver Gallery (San Francisco).

porous walker san fran artist drawing receiver gallery
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