14.11.08 by Jeff

Daniel Weiss

Some great little moments captured on the street and elsewhere, by photographer Daniel Weiss.

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12.11.08 by Jeff

Nicholas Haggard

Brooklyn-based photographer, Nicholas Haggard. Saw some similarities between his work and Hanitijo’s so I figured I’d post them back to back (or head to toe, I guess).

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12.11.08 by Jeff

Flora Hanitijo

Flora Hanitijo grew up in Montreal Canada and she currently lives, and snaps photos, in New York.

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16.10.08 by Jeff

Gemma Booth

Some really fun photography from Gemma Booth. Apparently fashion photography doesn’t always have to include a bunch of naked girls! It must be pretty tough for Booth to take a bad picture when her shoots are so fantastically art-directed and brilliantly styled. Love the series with the little robot!

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19.09.08 by Jeff

Ye Rin Mok

I recently discovered the photography of Ye Rin Mok, who has shot for the likes of Anthen, Nylon, Tokion, Theme, Spin, Monocle, and the list really does go on. Looking through Mok’s portfolio I discovered a large number of the photos in which the subject is actually facing away from the camera. I found the gallery jarring, and really quite powerful.

I took a class in art school called Vision, Perception and Science and we learned that there is a little sensor in the brain that is constantly looking for faces. This is why the bumper and headlights on a car look like a smiling face, and also why there is such tension in these photos. There are no faces in these portraits. Read More

10.09.08 by Jeff

Elizabeth Weinberg

Elizabeth Weinberg. NYC photographer. Great portraits of musicians and lifestyle shots.

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18.08.08 by Jeff

Jonathan Snyder

Came across some great portrait photography by Jonathan Snyder. Snyder also has a great little series entitled “Florae Melt” that is worth checking out as well.

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07.08.08 by Jeff

Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Zuckerman has photographed a lot of famous people – just last month his photograph of Nelson Mandela made the cover of Time magazine. His portraits are quite good but personally, I am a big fan of his landscapes…

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10.07.08 by Jeff

Ok! Fresh.

Fun portrait photography from Ben Aqua and Mike Ruiz a.k.a. Ok! Fresh.

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