25.11.14 by Jeff

Embroideries by Artist Cayce Zavaglia


Hand embroidered portraits by artist Cayce Zavaglia. What you’re looking at is cotton and silk thread on linen, with an acrylic painted background. Submitted via November Submissions. More below.

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10.09.14 by Jeff

Amy Powell


Ohio-based photographer Amy Powell’s beautiful photos of her half-sister Erica, born 20 years after she was. More below.

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31.07.14 by Jeff

Carissa Gallo


“Color Studies: Pink”, photos by Portland-based photographer Carissa Gallo.

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18.12.13 by Jeff

Mercedes Helnwein


Drawings by Austrian-born, Los Angeles-based, artist Mercedes Helnwein. See more below.

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21.10.13 by Jeff

Joel Benjamin

Illustrator Joel Benjamin

Portraits of skaters by illustrator Joel Benjamin. Another great submission amongst hundreds of others over here. Can you name them all? See more below!

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18.07.13 by Jeff

“Stardust” Generative Portraits by Sergio Albiac

Stardust generative portraits by Sergio Albiac

Sergio Albiac has created an automated process that takes portraits and creates generative collages, from them using images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Sergio would like to make a generative collage with your face so if you want to get involved, it’s FREE! See more below!

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07.08.12 by Jeff

Lu Cong

Artist painter Lu Cong
Paintings by Lu Cong.

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09.07.12 by Jeff

Wire portraits by Seung Mo Park

Wire mesh portraits by Seung Mo Park
Incredible wire mesh portraits by Seung Mo Park. The artist projects an image onto layers of wire mesh and slowly cuts away pieces to reveal the positive image. Watch the videos below!

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