02.10.09 by Jeff

Vera Mishurina

Photos by Vera Mishurina. Moscow.

vera mishurina photographer photography
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01.09.09 by Jeff

Kirill Podutro

Photos by Kirill Podutro. Moscow.

kirill podutro photographer photography moscow russia
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24.08.09 by Jeff

Liliya Gabdrakhmanova

Photos by Liliya Gabdrakhmanova. Russia.

Liliya Gabdrakhmanova photographer photography russia
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12.08.09 by Jeff

Sasha Borodinova

Photos by Sasha Borodinova. Moscow.

sasha borodinova photographer photography
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26.06.09 by Jeff

Pavel Morozov

Photos by Pavel Morozov. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

pavel morozov russia photographer photography
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04.03.09 by Jeff

Chelak Maxim

Photography by Russia’s Chelak Maxim.

chelak maxim photographer photography
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06.11.08 by Jeff

Irina Rozovsky

Originally born in Moscow, Irina Rozovsky now lives and works as a photographer in Boston.

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03.11.08 by Jeff

Alexey Myakishev

Photos of rural Russia by Alexey Myakishev. Sorry I don’t have a direct link to his work but you can see more of his work here.

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