11.06.15 by Staff

Artist Profile: Jason Jägel




Beautiful profile on San Francisco-based painter Jason Jägel. Shot by Noe Chavez, this video features wonderful insight into Jägel’s artistic process and is also something of a love letter to the city Jägel currently lives and works. Check out the full video below!

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03.04.09 by Jeff

Monica Canilao

Drawings and installations by the incredible, Monica Canilao (pictured). SF. Juxtapoz just posted 20 questions with her over here.

monica canilao art installation drawing mixed media
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23.03.09 by Jeff

Wesley Burt

When I worked at Electronic Arts as a concept artist, I used to visit the forums on ConceptArt.org all the time. Wesley Burt had quite a following on there, for obvious reasons.

wesley burt illustration illustrator drawing sketch san fran concept art
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08.12.08 by Jeff

Tiffany Bozic

I have been meaning to feature the paintings of Tiffany Bozic for some time. You really get the feeling there is a fable or some fantastic story to go along with each image.

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