08.11.16 by Staff

Distorted Sculptures by Japanese Artist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki


Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki carves wooden figures with purposeful visual distortions. Check out more of Kanemaki’s trippy sculptures below.

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08.01.16 by Staff

Wrinkled Stone Sculptures by José Manuel Castro López


Incredible stone sculptures by Spanish artist José Manuel Castro López carved to look like they’re soft and malleable. More images below.

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10.09.15 by Jeff

Video Profile: Artist Beth Cavener


An engaging video portrait of artist Beth Cavener by filmmaker Bas Berkhout. It’s really satisfying to watch her create her gestural sculptures as she talks about some really personal parts of her life. Watch the video below.

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27.08.14 by Jeff

Ken Price


Drawings by the late American artist Ken Price. More below.

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26.07.11 by Jeff

Yong Ho Ji

Sculptures made of recycled tires, by Yong Ho Ji.

Recycled tire sculptures by korean artist sculptor Yong Ho Ji
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30.07.10 by Jeff

Ariel Schlesinger

More photos by Ariel Schlesinger. (My fav Flickr photostream)

ariel schlesinger photographer artist sculptor
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28.12.09 by Jeff

Ricky Swallow

Sculptures by Ricky Swallow. Los Angeles.

ricky swallow artist sculptor sculpture
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16.12.09 by Jeff

Andy Goldsworthy

I love Andy Goldsworthy.

andy goldsworthy british Sycamore leaves and stalks artist sculptor photographer andy goldsworthy
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