29.11.10 by Jeff

Jorge Pineda

Love this piece by Jorge Pineda.

artist jorge pineda sculpture el bosque mentiras
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12.11.10 by Jeff

Chris Sollars

This summer Brion Nuda Rosch invited Chris Sollars to the SFMOMA to make works using only materials found within the museum. At no point were museum staff made aware of Sollar’s “residency”.

artist chris sollars sfmoma interventions

Sculpture remade with cigarette and gum from balcony ashtray.

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18.10.10 by Jeff

AJ Fosik

More stunning wood work by AJ Fosik.

artist aj fosik sculpture wood
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11.10.10 by Jeff

Thomas Rentmeister

Sculptures by Thomas Rentmeister.

artist sculpture thomas rentmeister
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08.10.10 by Jeff

Leah Wolff

Drawings and sculptures by Leah Wolff.

artist leah wolff drawings sculptures
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08.10.10 by Jeff

Judy Pfaff

Sculptures by Judy Pfaff.

artist judy pfaff sculpture installation
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01.10.10 by Jeff

David Gilbert

Various works by David Gilbert.

artist david gilbert
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27.09.10 by Jeff

Agustina Woodgate

Sculptures made of human hair, by Agustina Woodgate. Miami, Florida.

human hair artist sculpture austina woodgate
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22.09.10 by Jeff

Willy Verginer

Sculptures by Willy Verginer.

artist willy verginer sculpture
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