16.09.10 by Jeff

Peter Coffin

Various works by Peter Coffin. New York.

artist peter coffin new york
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30.08.10 by Jeff

Andrew Lewicki

“y=x²”, a parabolic skateboard ramp by Andrew Lewicki.

Parabolic Ramp by Andrew Lewicki

30.08.10 by Jeff

Gabriel Dubois

Sculptures and paintings by Gabriel Dubois.

Artist painter Gabriel Dubois
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23.08.10 by Jeff

Leandro Erlich

Sculptures by Leandro Erlich.

artist leandro erlich sculpture
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19.08.10 by Jeff

Matthew Northridge

Sculptures by Matthew Northridge.

Artist Matthew Northridge
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19.08.10 by Jeff

Antoine Stemerding

“Wat Wil Je Doen”, an installation by Antoine Stemerding.

Artist Antoine Stemerding

09.08.10 by Jeff

Justine Khamara

Cut photographs by Justine Khamara. Melbourne, Australia.

justine khamara artist cut photographs installations sculptures
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05.08.10 by Jeff

Patrice + JR

Patrice covers Nina Simone’s “Ain’t Got No (I Got Life)” in this beautiful video that features artwork by JR.

jr patrice aint got no music video

Watch the music video below!

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27.07.10 by Jeff

An Te Liu

“Title Deed”, by An Te Liu.

an te liu artist sculpture installation monopoly house