05.04.10 by Jeff

Julien Berthier

Résidence secondaire, by Julien Berthier.

Artist Julien Berthier sculpture

24.03.10 by Jeff

Ji Lee

Parallel World by Ji Lee. New York. I love this idea.

ji lee parallel world sculpture miniature ceiling
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10.03.10 by Jeff

Kumi Yamashita

Incredible shadow art by Kumi Yamashita. You should watch the video below to fully appreciate Kumi’s work. Wonderful stuff.

Shadow artist Kumi Yamashita
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11.02.10 by Jeff

Anna-Wili Highfield

Paper sculptures by artist Anna-Wili Highfield. Sydney, Australia.

paper sculptures by anna-wili highfield
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10.02.10 by Jeff

James Nizam

Memorandoms is a beautiful photo series by artist James Nizam, documenting ephemeral sculptures he constructed inside an old public housing development. Nizam’s show is up at Gallery Jones here in Vancouver (1725 West Third Ave) until Feb 27th. Go see it.

james nizam artist photographer photography ephemeral sculptures
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03.02.10 by Jeff

Richard Hughes

Sculptures by Richard Hughes.

richard hughes artist
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03.02.10 by Jeff

Subodh Gupta

Sculptures by Subodh Gupta.

subodh gupta artist sculptor sculpture
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15.01.10 by Jeff

Ryan Duggan

Attainable, by Ryan Duggan. Finally, a porsche in my price range.

ryan duggan artist artwork attainable

More work below!

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