09.12.09 by Jeff

Elizabeth McGrath

Sculptures by Elizabeth McGrath.

elizabeth mcgrath art sculpture rats
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27.11.09 by Jeff

James Hopkins

Various artworks by James Hopkins. London.

james hopkins artist sculpture skull bottles objects vanitas
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08.09.09 by Jeff

Thomas Broome

A man being shot from behind, by Thomas Broomé.

thomas broome sculpture man shot from behind artist
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01.09.09 by Jeff

Michel de Broin

Sculptural interventions by Michel de Broin.

michel de broin artist sculpture intervention
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25.08.09 by Jeff

Thomas Doyle

Amazing little moments sculpted by Thomas Doyle at 1:43 scale and smaller. Brooklyn. Incredible stuff.

thomas doyle miniature sculpture distillation reclamations bearings
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07.07.09 by Jeff

Henrique Oliveira

Huge painterly wood installations by Henrique Oliveira. All the wood is salvaged off the streets of São paulo.

henrique oliveira wood installation painter painting sculpture brazil
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26.06.09 by Jeff

Katharina Trudzinski

Installations by Hamburg-based artist, Katharina Trudzinski.

katharina trudzinski installation artist art sculpture painter
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04.05.09 by Jeff

Zachary Rossman

Drawings and sculptures by Zachary Rossman. Love the style.

zachary rossman drawing illustration sculpture
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