12.09.12 by Jeff

David Mesguich and Valentin Van der Meulen

David Mesguich and Valentin Van der Meulen
Love this sculpture by David Mesguich and Valentin Van der Meulen.

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23.08.12 by Jeff

Eylem Aladogan

Sculpture by artist Eylem Aladogan
“Listen to your soul, my blood is singing iron triggers that could be released”, sculpture by Eylem Aladogan.

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30.03.12 by Jeff

Kim Keever

Artist Kim Keever
Kim Keever builds colourful landscapes inside a giant fish tank.

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26.03.12 by Jeff

Tracy Thomason

Artist Tracy Thomason
Works by Tracy Thomason.

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22.02.12 by Jeff

Brian Dettmer

cut books artist brian dettmer
Cut book sculptures by artist Brian Dettmer.

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10.01.12 by Jeff

Theo Jansen

Animaris Gubernare by artist Theo Jansen

“Animaris Gubernare”, a beautiful self-propelled kinetic sculpture by artist Theo Jansen.

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19.12.11 by Jeff

Zhang Huan

Sculptures by artist Zhang Huan
Sculptures by Zhang Huan.

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16.12.11 by Jeff


Banksy cardinal sin sculpture
“Cardinal Sin” by Banksy.

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