16.07.10 by Jeff

Anouk Kruithof

Installation of 4,000 books, by Anouk Kruithof.

artist Anouk Kruithof
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01.07.10 by Jeff

Justin Stephens

Sculptures by Justin Stephens.

artist justin stephens
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28.06.10 by Jeff

Jordan Tull

“Frame”, installation by Jordan Tull.

artist jordan tull sculpture installation frame
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14.06.10 by Jeff

Anish Kapoor

Sculptures by Anish Kapoor.

artist sculpture anish kapoor
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11.06.10 by Jeff

Andy Vogt

Sculptures and installations by Andy Vogt.

artist andy vogt
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03.06.10 by Jeff

Marlo Pascual

Sculptures and installations using found imagery, by Marlo Pascual.

Artist Marlo Pascual found imagery sculpture installation photo-based
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10.05.10 by Jeff

Thom Puckey

Sculptures by Thom Puckey.

thom puckey nude av with knife rpg artist sculpture
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21.04.10 by Jeff

Mark Pernice

Mask based on Apple’s Photo Booth filter, by Mark Pernice.

Apple Photobooth mask by Mark Pernice

Apple Photobooth mask by Mark Pernice
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