04.05.11 by Jeff

Tomoko Konoike

Works by Tomoko Konoike. Tokyo, Japan.

Artist Tomoko Konoike
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10.03.11 by Jeff

Markus Hofer

Sculptures by Markus Hofer.

artist markus hofer sculptures
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02.03.11 by Jeff

Garage Works & Ron English

Garage Works have painstakingly brought another Ron English artwork to life! “Hulk Boy” will be hard to find as it’s an edition of only 10.

ron english garage works sculpture

28.02.11 by Jeff

Justin Shull

“Terrestrial Shrub Rover” by Justin Shull.

justin shull projects

Watch the video below!

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23.02.11 by Jeff

Alicja Kwade

1,000 champagne bottles, pulverized. Installations by Alicja Kwade.

artist alicja kwade installations sculptures
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03.02.11 by Jeff

Christopher Chiappa

The artist responsible for the amazing french fry sculpture is Christopher Chiappa! Huge thanks to Melissa for commenting on the original post and pointing me to the Kate Werble Gallery! The community here is such an amazing resource! Kate just sent over a couple images and it turns out the work is part of a diptych called “McMiracles”.

Mcdonalds french fry sculpture Artist Christopher Chiappa

Mcdonalds french fry sculpture Artist Christopher Chiappa

31.01.11 by Jeff

Ethan Greenbaum

Works by Ethan Greenbaum.

artist ethan greenbaum
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31.01.11 by Jeff

French Fry Sculpture

McDonald’s french fry skull! Anyone know the artist?

Mcdonalds french fry skull sculpture