29.02.12 by Jeff

Clemens Behr

Sculptures by artist Clemens Behr
Sculptures by Clemens Behr.

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28.02.12 by Jeff

Grant Barnhart

Sculptures by artist Grant Barnhart
Sculptures by Grant Barnhart.

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07.02.12 by Jeff

Haroshi x HUF x DLX

Keith Hufnagel x Haroshi x DLX skateboard sculptures

Hypebeast has produced a nice little video featuring more of those fantastic sculptures made of skateboards by Haroshi. The works are a collaboration between Keith Hufnagel, DLX, and Haroshi.

Watch the video below! (The size of that ollie at the end is inSANE)

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06.02.12 by Jeff

Myeongbeom Kim

Sculptures by artist Myeongbeom Kim
Sculptures by Myeongbeom Kim.

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06.02.12 by Jeff

Seungchun Lim

Sculptures by artist Seungchun Lim
Sculptures by Seungchun Lim.

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27.01.12 by Jeff

Guy Laramee

Book sculptures by artist Guy Laramee
Stunning landscapes carved out of books, sculptures by Guy Laramee.

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20.01.12 by Jeff

Leah Wolff

Sculptures by artist Leah Wolff
Sculptures by Leah Wolff.

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05.01.12 by Jeff

Aaron Moran

Sculptures by artist Aaron Moran
Sculptures made from found wood, by Aaron Moran.

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