05.01.12 by Jeff

Aaron Moran

Sculptures by artist Aaron Moran
Sculptures made from found wood, by Aaron Moran.

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30.12.11 by Jeff

Anna-Wili Highfield

Paper sculptures by artist Anna-Wili Highfield
Paper sculptures by Anna-Wili Highfield. Sydney, Australia.

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20.12.11 by Jeff

Barry X Ball

Sculptures by artist Barry X Ball
“Purity”, sculptures by Barry X Ball from his Masterpieces series.

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19.12.11 by Jeff

Paola Pivi

Artist Paola Pivi
Works by Paola Pivi.

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14.12.11 by Jeff

Idan Friedman

Sculptures by artist designer Idan Friedman
“Ordinary people and disposable objects”, sculptures by Idan Friedman.

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05.12.11 by Jeff

Aqua Creations

When I was in Tel Aviv a couple weeks ago, we visited the amazing Aqua Creations headquarters. Here they produce innovative light fixtures and furniture but also these incredible light sculptures.

Light sculptures by Aqua Creations

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02.12.11 by Jeff

Nicholas Galanin

Sculptures and installations by Nicholas Galanin.

Artist Nicholas Galanin

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01.12.11 by Jeff

Neil Wax

Sculptures by Neil Wax.

Sculptures by artist Neil Wax

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