02.12.11 by Jeff

Nicholas Galanin

Sculptures and installations by Nicholas Galanin.

Artist Nicholas Galanin

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01.12.11 by Jeff

Neil Wax

Sculptures by Neil Wax.

Sculptures by artist Neil Wax

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29.11.11 by Jeff

Malin Gabriella Nordin

Sculptures, collages, and drawings by Malin Gabriella Nordin.

Sculptures and collages by artist Malin Gabriella Nordin

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14.11.11 by Jeff


More sound sculptures by Swiss artist, Zimoun.

Zimoun sound sculptures

Watch the video below!

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28.10.11 by Jeff

Vincent Kohler

“Turnaround”, baseball bat sculptures by Vincent Kohler.

Baseball bats by artist Vincent Kohler turnaround sculptures
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14.10.11 by Jeff

Lisa Hamilton

Paper sculptures by Lisa Hamilton.

Paper sculptures by artist Lisa Hamilton
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13.10.11 by Jeff

Kate MacDowell

Incredible porcelain sculptures by Kate MacDowell.

Porcelain sculptures by Kate MacDowell
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02.10.11 by Jeff

Jennifer Collier

Stitched paper cameras by Jennifer Collier.

Stitched paper cameras by Jennifer Collier
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