18.03.11 by Jeff

Livia Marin

“Broken Things”, sculptures by Livia Marin. London.

artist sculptures livia marin broken things
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17.03.11 by Jeff

Urs Fischer

Sculptures and installations by Urs Fischer.

artist sculptures urs fischer
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16.03.11 by Jeff

Song Benxing

Sculptures by Song Benxing.

sculptures by song benxing
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14.03.11 by Jeff

Simon Schubert

Sculptures by Simon Schubert.

sculptures by artist simon schubert
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10.03.11 by Jeff

Wiebke Siem

Sculptures by Wiebke Siem.

artist wiebke siem
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07.03.11 by Jeff

Derek Weisberg

Sculptures by Derek Weisberg.

sculptures by artist derek weisberg
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28.02.11 by Jeff

Dietrich Wegner

Sculptures by Dietrich Wegner.

sculptures by artist dietrich wegner
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28.02.11 by Jeff

Robert The

Sculptures made of Bibles by Robert The.

Book sculptures by artist Robert The
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24.02.11 by Jeff

Clemens Behr

Various works by Clemens Behr.

Artist Clemens Behr
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