23.12.10 by Jeff

Troy Emery

Sculptures by Troy Emery. Sydney, Australia.

sculptures by artist troy emery
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09.12.10 by Jeff

Ah Xian

“China, China”, sculptures by Ah Xian.

china china sculptures by ah xian
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08.12.10 by Jeff

Heidi Johansen + Charlie Roberts

Heads up Vancouver, artists Heidi Johansen and Charlie Roberts have a show opening this Friday at LES Gallery!

artist heidi johansen sculpture
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29.11.10 by Jeff

Helen Altman

“Spice Skulls”, sculptures by Helen Altman.

artist helen altman spice skulls sculptures
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23.11.10 by Jeff

Tim Hawkinson

Amazing sculptures by Tim Hawkinson.

artist sculptures by tim hawkinson
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18.11.10 by Jeff

Robert Wechsler

Sculptures by Robert Wechsler. Los Angeles.

artist sculpture robert wechsler
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15.10.10 by Jeff

Tobias Putrih

Sculptures by Tobias Putrih.

Sculptures by artist Tobias Putrih
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24.08.10 by Jeff

Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen

“Banana boats”, by Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen.

Banana boats by Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen
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