12.04.11 by Jeff

Daniel Robert Hunziker

Works by Daniel Robert Hunziker.

artist Daniel Robert Hunziker
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11.04.11 by Jeff

Markus Leitsch

Sculptures by Markus Leitsch. Austria.

Sculptures artist Markus Leitsch
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11.04.11 by Jeff

David Ford

Sculptures by David Ford.

sculptures by artist david ford
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11.04.11 by Jeff

Jakub Hošek

Paintings and sculptures by Jakub Hošek.

Artist Jakub Hosek paintings sculptures
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11.04.11 by Jeff

Marek Kvetan

Sculptures by Marek Kvetan.

artist sculptures by marek kvetan
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08.04.11 by Jeff


Sculptures by Houston.

sculptures by houston
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07.04.11 by Jeff

Stéphane Vigny

Sculptures by artist Stéphane Vigny.

sculptures by artist stephane vigny
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06.04.11 by Jeff

Bart Batchelor

Loving this project “Everything in My House that is Orange, Metal, Wood, or in a Container” by Bart Batchelor.

artist bart batchelor sculpture installation
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