28.02.11 by Jeff

Dietrich Wegner

Sculptures by Dietrich Wegner.

sculptures by artist dietrich wegner
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28.02.11 by Jeff

Robert The

Sculptures made of Bibles by Robert The.

Book sculptures by artist Robert The
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24.02.11 by Jeff

Clemens Behr

Various works by Clemens Behr.

Artist Clemens Behr
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10.02.11 by Jeff

Daniel Arsham

Sculptures by Daniel Arsham.

sculptures by artist daniel arsham
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01.02.11 by Jeff

Artie Vierkant

Styrofoam sculptures by Artie Vierkant.

artist sculptures artie vierkant
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01.02.11 by Jeff

Roula Partheniou

Various works by Roula Partheniou. I think that second image with the mirror and burnt matches is my favourite.

artist sculptures roula partheniou
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25.01.11 by Jeff

Jessica Joslin

Sculptures by Jessica Joslin. Brass, bone, silver, glass, leather.

Artist Jessica Joslin
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07.01.11 by Jeff


Brilliant sound sculptures by Swiss artist Zimoun.

Prepared dc-motors cardboard boxes by Zimoun

Enjoy the videos below!

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