23.08.12 by Jeff

Chad Wys

Artist Chad Wys
“Readymades” by Chad Wys. Love this series of simple alterations made to found objects.

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16.08.12 by Jeff

Adam Niklewicz

Sculptures by artist Adam Niklewicz
Sculptures by Adam Niklewicz.

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30.07.12 by Jeff

Alex Chinneck

Sculptures and installations by artist Alex Chinneck
Self Employed (2011)
London brick, smoking chimney pot, steel, mortar, air system

Sculptures and installations by Alex Chinneck. Inspiration overload!

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26.07.12 by Jeff

Coffin-shaped tanning bed by Luciano Podcaminsky

Sculptures by artist Luciano Landia
“Sundead” 2012

A coffin-shaped tanning bed, by Luciano Podcaminsky. Argentina.

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23.07.12 by Jeff

Aaron Moran

Artist Aaron Moran
Last week I got this encouraging email from artist Aaron Moran (I’m posting it with his permission). Please let me know if a posting here ever leads to something exciting, it’s nice to look back on emails like these if I’m ever feeling a little burnt out.

Watch a feature on Aaron and see his recent works below!

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09.07.12 by Jeff

John von Bergen

Sculptures by artist John von Bergen
Sculptures by John von Bergen.

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09.07.12 by Jeff

Wire portraits by Seung Mo Park

Wire mesh portraits by Seung Mo Park
Incredible wire mesh portraits by Seung Mo Park. The artist projects an image onto layers of wire mesh and slowly cuts away pieces to reveal the positive image. Watch the videos below!

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03.07.12 by Jeff


Artist Ekta
Sculptures, drawings, I love everything Ekta makes.

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