06.02.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Zihee

Lovely tattoos by Korean artist Zihee. See more images below.

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03.02.17 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Momomi

Lovely photos by photographer Momomi from Seoul, South Korea-based. Click here for previous post. See more images below.

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28.03.16 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Hansol Choi


Painterly photography by Seoul-based Korean photographer Hansol Choi. More images below.

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25.01.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Moon Chanpil


Haunting four-painting series exploring the commingling of predator and prey by Korean artist Moon Chanpil. More images below.

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10.12.14 by Jeff

Studio FNT (Form & Thought)


Graphic work by Seoul, Korea-based Studio FNT (Form & Thought). More image below.

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10.12.13 by Jeff

Eunjung Shin


Illustrations with a dark twist by Eunjung Shin. Seoul, South Korea. More below.

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19.11.13 by Jeff

Moon Beom

Korean painter artist Moon Beom

Paintings by artist Moon Beom. Seoul, Korea. More below!

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01.07.13 by Jeff

“The Drunken Poets Project” by Andy Knowlton

The Drunken Poets Project by Andy Knowlton
Andy Knowlton is an American poet living in Korea. He makes little dolls out of materials he finds on the street and hides them all over the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul. Each doll holds a bottle, and each bottle has a poem he’s written inside it. Really love this idea! Watch the video below!

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