03.11.14 by Jeff

Alba Yruela


Photos by Barcelona-based photographer Alba Yruela. More below.

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03.02.12 by Jeff

Endless Roads

Endless Roads Road Trip in Spain with Longboard Girls Crew
“Endless Roads”, a road trip through spain with Longboard Girls Crew.

Watch the videos below!

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30.11.11 by Jeff


Street paintings by Mesa. Spain.

Street paintings murals by Mesa

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28.10.11 by Jeff

Mike Swaney

Drawings by Mike Swaney. Barcelona, Spain.

Drawings by artist Mike Swaney
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27.01.10 by Jeff

Jonatan Cantero

Drawings by Jonatan Cantero. Barcelona, Spain.

jonatan cantero illustrator illustration spain barcelona
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26.11.09 by Jeff

Carles Rodrigo

Photos by Carles Rodrigo. Valencia.

carles rodrigo photographer photography
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16.09.09 by Jeff

Rafa Castells

Photos by Rafa Castells. Barcelona.

rafa castells photographer photography spain
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18.12.08 by Jeff

ROCA Estudio

I like this series of ads by ROCA Estudio. Maybe not the shark one so much but this first one especially – love the expressions on their faces (the bear too).

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