05.01.12 by Jeff

Pingu remake of “The Thing”

Pingu claymation remake of The Thing
A Pingu claymation remake of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, by Lee Hardcastle. Yes, this is as awesome as it sounds.

Watch the animation below!

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03.01.12 by Jeff


Seed stop-motion animation by Ben Richardson Daniel Bird
“Seed”, a stop-motion animation by Ben Richardson Daniel Bird.

Watch the film below!

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21.12.11 by Jeff

Peter Sluszka

Clay morphing stop-motion animations by Peter Sluszka
Jaw-dropping clay morphing animations by Peter Sluszka.

Watch the animations below!

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22.11.11 by Jeff

Against The Grain

“Against The Grain” by Hudson. Animation by Jonathan Chong.

Hudson Against The Grain music video

Watch the stop-motion animation below!

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04.11.11 by Jeff

I Look & Move

“I Look & Move”, stop-motion animation by Constantine Konovalov.

I Look & Move stop-motion animation by Constantine Konovalov

Watch the film below!

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27.10.11 by Jeff


“Mound”, another glorious animation by Allison Schulnik.

Mound claymation animation by artist Allison Schulnik

Watch the claymation animaton below!

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09.09.11 by Jeff

Back to the Start / Making Of

For those of you who assumed Johnny Kelly’s incredible stop-motion animation “Back to the Start” was all CG, here is a peek behind the scenes at the painstaking work that went into animating it by hand.

Making of Back to the Start stop motion animation by Johnny Kelly

Watch the “making of” video below!

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04.08.11 by Jeff

World’s Largest Stop-Motion

“Gulp”, hailed as the world’s largest stop-motion animation with a set stretching 11,000 sq feet. Oh and it was shot with a cell phone. I actually find “the making of” video more interesting than the final product! What do you think?

Gulp worlds largest stop-motion animation nokia n8

Watch “Gulp” and “the making of” video below!

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