29.07.13 by Jeff

“Everybody Street” Documentary

everybody street Documentary about New York Street Photographers

This looks terrific! “Everybody Street” is a documentary about New York City and the iconic street photographers who have captured it over the years. Heads up, there’s a couple graphic images in the trailer. Watch below!

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17.06.13 by Jeff


Graffiti artist painter SOFLES
This graffiti video wins the award for best filming/editing. Sofles covers an abandoned area with all kinds of work, captured in a series of continuous moving time-lapses. I saw his work everywhere when I was there in April. Watch the video below!

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01.05.13 by Jeff


street paintings by artist escif
Street paintings by Escif.

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24.04.13 by Jeff

Les Bains – The secret street art gallery in Paris


SAMBRE (work in progress)

Since January of this year 50 of the world’s most prominent street artists have left their mark on Les Bains, a rundown nightclub in Paris.

After unsuccessfully trying to save the building, owner Jean-Pierre Marois and gallery owner Magda Danysz began inviting artists like Sambre, Futura, and Space Invader to make work in the space. Slowly the place has been filled with art.

Next week renovations on the building will commence, and all the incredible work will be destroyed. I’ve included my favourite pieces from Les Bains below!

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19.04.13 by Jeff


Street paintings by artist ARYZ
Street paintings by ARYZ. My buddy Jasper tells me these are all done with rollers. Love the collabo with Os Gemeos below!

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04.04.13 by Jeff


street paintings by artist HelloMyNameIsSy
Paintings by HelloMyNameIsSy. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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28.03.13 by Jeff

Xuan Alyfe

Some fresh work from Xuan Alyfe.

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12.03.13 by Jeff


graf Artist PREF
Amazing layered text paintings by PREF.

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03.01.13 by Jeff

Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani
“Sum Times”, interventions by tape artist Aakash Nihalani.

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