21.07.12 by Jeff


Billboard paintings by street artist ox
Billboards takeovers by Ox.

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31.05.12 by Jeff

Charlie Kirk

Photographer Charlie Kirk photography
Photos from the streets of Japan, by Charlie Kirk.

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02.05.12 by Jeff

Reka + Kid Zoom

Reka + Kid Zoom
Diggin’ this collab piece by Reka and Kid Zoom.

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05.04.12 by Jeff


SHOK-1 x-ray graffiti
Street paintings by SHOK-1. Love the x-ray style!

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16.03.12 by Jeff

Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos on the streets of San Diego
Os Gemeos on the streets of San Diego. Via: Wooster.

12.03.12 by Jeff


Street artist Vhils Alexandre Farto
Faces painstakingly scratched into the surfaces of walls in Shanghai, by Vhils (Alexandre Farto). Watch the trailer for the film about Vhils’ time in China below! Love the editing.

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10.02.12 by Jeff

Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim

Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim
Street posters by Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim. Jody explains, Jens is a common Danish name and KL.14 means 2.00pm.

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