12.03.12 by Jeff


Street artist Vhils Alexandre Farto
Faces painstakingly scratched into the surfaces of walls in Shanghai, by Vhils (Alexandre Farto). Watch the trailer for the film about Vhils’ time in China below! Love the editing.

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10.02.12 by Jeff

Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim

Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim
Street posters by Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim. Jody explains, Jens is a common Danish name and KL.14 means 2.00pm.

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26.01.12 by Jeff


Artist Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada aka Ever
Paintings by Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada aka Ever. Argentina.

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22.12.11 by Jeff

Geometric Bang

Street faces artist Geometric bang
Would love to see these little faces by Geometric Bang on my street.

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30.11.11 by Jeff


Street paintings by Mesa. Spain.

Street paintings murals by Mesa

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08.09.11 by Jeff


Paintings by 108.

Italian street artist 108
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14.07.11 by Jeff

Inside Out / Episode 1

JR is changing the world with his Inside Out Project.

JR InsideOut Project ted artist street photography

Watch the inspiring video below!

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30.03.11 by Jeff


Acclaim Magazine just posted a nice interview with SWOON.

acclaim magazine interview street artist swoon

Watch the video below!

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