22.07.09 by Jeff


Illustrations by Sougwen Chung. Stockholm, Sweden.

sougwen chung sweden illustration designer drawing illustrator
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09.07.09 by Jeff

Annette Pehrsson

Photos by Annette Pehrsson. Sweden.

annette pehrsson photography photographer
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03.06.09 by Jeff

Anna Giertz

Illustrations by Anna Giertz. Stockholm.

anna giertz stockholm sweden illustration illustrator
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04.05.09 by Jeff

Gustav Gustafsson

Photos by Gustav Gustafsson. Sweden.

gustav gustafsson photographer photography
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10.04.09 by Jeff

Jesper Ulvelius

Photos by Jesper Ulvelius. Sweden.

jesper ulvelius photographer photography
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12.02.09 by Jeff

Beata Boucht

Illustrations by Stockholm-based, Beata Boucht.

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04.12.08 by Jeff

Sannah Kvist

Some simple shots. Stockholm Sweden’s, Sannah Kvist. Sssssss.

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16.10.08 by Jeff

Johan Willner

More photography from Sweden. Johan Willner. Especially love his black and white work, some of which is more than a decade old! Photography, like a fine wine, only gets better with age (or so I’m told, I’m the guy who always buys the “house” wine cuz its usually the cheapest).

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