19.01.11 by Jeff


Works by one of the best ever, Ekta. Gothenburg, Sweden.

artist ekta drawings sweden
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02.04.10 by Jeff

Viktor Gårdsäter

Photos by Viktor Gårdsäter. Stockholm, Sweden.

Photographer Viktor Gårdsäter photography sweden
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01.04.10 by Jeff

Gustav Gustafsson

Photos by Gustav Gustafsson. Sweden.

Photographer Gustav Gustafsson photography
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03.12.09 by Jeff

Fanny Bostrom

Paintings by Fanny Bostrom. New York.

fanny bostrom artist painter painting new york sweden
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20.08.09 by Jeff

Gingerbread Monument

More from my doormat… Klara Källström sent me her book, Gingerbread Monument and it is stunning! Sweden is whats up right now. Sorry about the reflections in these photos, the pages were glossy!

gingerbread monument photography book klara kallstrom sweden
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18.08.09 by Jeff

Anders Lindén

Photos by Anders Lindén. Stockholm. Fantastic work.

anders linden photographer photography sweden stockholm
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24.07.09 by Jeff

Ida Borg

Photos by Ida Borg. Sweden.

ida borg photographer photography sweden
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22.07.09 by Jeff


Illustrations by Sougwen Chung. Stockholm, Sweden.

sougwen chung sweden illustration designer drawing illustrator
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