27.03.15 by Jeff



This past year the mural arts festival known as Pow! Wow! grew leaps and bounds, hosting their largest event yet, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and launching a satellite event in Taipei, Taiwan.

This month they continued their rapid expansion by partnering with SXSW and SprATX to bring some mural artists to the city of Austin, Texas. Rone (seen above), Tatiana Suarez, Kamea Hadar, Yoskay Yamamoto, Jeff Gress, Ana Maria, and Meggs were among the attending artists.

More photos (shot by Brandon Shigeta) below.

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14.06.13 by Jeff

A Supercell near Booker, Texas

A Supercell near Booker, Texas
Nature is crazy! According to Wikipedia, a supercell is a thunderstorm with a persistently rotating updraft (I had to look it up). Mike Olbinski captured this incredible supercell with the help of his friend Andy Hoeland. Watch the video below! If you squint, you can see aliens.

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13.09.12 by Jeff

Homemade instruments by Cara Stewart

Homemade instruments by Cara Stewart

A fantastic submission to our “Made of Imagination” project courtesy of Cara Stewart, Austin, Texas. She created 3 really unique instruments! This first one is called “Phonograph” and she built it using a broom head, log, contact mics, amplifyer, speaker, and wooden table.

“Contact mics inside the broom head amplify the sounds of the bristles playing over the log. The bristles act like a needle on a record player, or keys on a music box. The song is determined by the density of texture on the surface of the rotating log.”

See her other instruments below!

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02.08.10 by Jeff

Rebecca Marino

Photos by Rebecca Marino. Austin, Texas.

photographer photography rebecca marino
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10.08.09 by Jeff

Brandon Barron

Photos by Brandon Barron. Austin, Texas.

brandon barron shift flickr photographer photography texas austin
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15.04.09 by Jeff

Katherine Squier

Photos by Katherine Squier. A talented little shutterbug, and a Booooooom Flickr Pool veteran. Texas.

katherine squier photographer photography texas
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06.04.09 by Jeff

Jackie Young

Photos by Jackie Young. Texas.

jackie young photographer photography
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23.03.09 by Jeff

Bryan Schutmaat

Photos by high school history teacher, Bryan Schutmaat. Texas.

bryan schutmaat photographer photography
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