09.05.17 by Staff

Delicately Crocheted Leaves by Artist Susanna Bauer

Artist Susanna Bauer adds threaded embellishments to dried leaves, creating miniature sculptures that explore the hidden beauty and connectedness of all things. See more images from “Connections” below or on display at Le Salon Vert gallery in Switzerland until June 10.

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07.05.15 by Prosthetic Knowledge

Music Video: Change Is Everything by Son Lux

Son Lux Son LuxSon Lux Son Lux Son Lux

Stop-motion animated music video by Nathan Johnson uses pins and thread to create moving vector-like images – video embedded below.

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22.05.14 by Jeff

Hagar Vardimon-van Heum­men


Hand-threaded collages by Amsterdam-based artist Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen aka Happy Red Fish. See more below.

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11.03.14 by Jeff

Isobel Adderley


Some works by Isobel Adderley. It looks to me like she is still finding her voice but some of these experiments are quite striking. I found these via the Booooooom Tumblr. More below.

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10.10.12 by Jeff

Thread art by Gabriel Dawe

Thread art by Gabriel Dawe
“Plexus no. 19”, an installation made of thread for Miniartextil in Italy, by artist Gabriel Dawe.

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09.02.12 by Jeff

Mark Garry

Artist Mark Garry
“Being here”, by Mark Garry. Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh a few years ago. Thread, pins, beads, and carved basswood.

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15.11.11 by Jeff

Emily Barletta

Thread drawings by Emily Barletta.

Artist Emily Barletta

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17.12.10 by Jeff

Beili Liu

Hand-coiled thread installations by Beili Liu.

artist beili liu installations hand coiled thread
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