26.07.12 by Jeff

Lyra Hill

Artist Lyra Hill
Lyra Hill’s business cards are better than yours (well, mine anyways). Hers are handmade, and they hold toothpicks and matches! I love the images, the dimensions, everything about ’em. She also wins the award for best blog title “It’s Always Winter In Space”. Go look at her comics, and watch the videos of her reading and explaining them.

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20.06.11 by Jeff

Toothpick Sculpture

“Rolling through the Bay”, the world’s largest kinetic sculpture made entirely of toothpicks. It has taken Scott Weaver more than 35 years and 100,000 toothpicks to build it. Incredible!

Rolling through the Bay by largest kinetic sculpture made of toothpicks Scott Weaver

Watch the video below!

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