10.03.14 by Jeff

Tumblr of the Day: Where I See Fashion





Bianca Luini is a 22-year old fashion design student in Milan and she’s created one of my favourite Tumblrs: Where I See Fashion. The concept is really simple, Bianca finds fashion photos and pairs them with other images she finds on Tumblr. It could easily be a forgettable project but the way she matches compositions and colours is fantastic.

See more of my favourite pairs below!

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29.07.13 by Jeff

Exploding Actresses Tumblr


Exploding Actresses Tumblr


Tumblr of the week: “Exploding Actresses” by Simone Rovellini. Not all the gifs are from animations but I think they’re the best ones. See more below!

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30.01.13 by Jeff

Tumblr of the Week: Google Street Scene

Tumblr of the Week: Google Street Scene
If you recognize this image as a scene from The Blue Brothers then Google Street Scene just might be your new favourite Tumblr. Tre Baker doctors film stills to look like they’re pulled from Google Street View!

I love the details he includes, the glitches, face blurring, even the shadow of the Google Street View vehicle. I’ve included a few more stills below, see if you recognize the films!

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12.03.12 by Jeff

Maddie The Coonhound

Maddie The Coonhound new favourite tumblr
My new favourite Tumblr is Maddie The Coonhound. It’s a fun side project for photographer Theron Humphrey as he travels across America shooting portraits and telling the stories of everyday people for another beautiful project, This Wild Idea.

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17.12.11 by Jeff

Art Vandelay

art vandelay importer exporter tumblr

Art Vandelay – “Importing/Exporting funny animals”.

I would only follow my new tumblr if you’d like to be happy everyday for the rest of your life. I was originally going to make it an art-related thing but I think this is more fun.

If you have suggestions, leave a comment here!

24.10.11 by Jeff

Book Mania

Book Mania is a great little blog to follow for all things books.

Book Mania Tumblr Blog

17.10.11 by Jeff

Dear Photograph

More beautiful submissions to Dear Photograph. “Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present”. Love these!

Dear Photograph tumblr
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21.09.11 by Jeff

Kid Casting

Love this tumblr!

Kid Casting Tumblr
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