20.07.15 by Kimi Hamada

Twitter Bot Generates Imaginary Moths


Lovely project by artists Loren Schmidt and Katie Rose Pipkin. Moth Generator (@mothgenerator) is a Twitter account that creates fantastical moths by combining randomly selected segments and colours of insect bodies. They even come complete with whimsical, faux nomenclatures like The Catskin Soybean (diella mulcanus) or Graceful-Infant Moth (maripatra incivia). More images below.

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02.09.10 by Jeff

Booooooom Facebook + Twitter

Join our family on Facebook and follow our Twitter. There are going to be some things coming up that will not be on the website, and you’ll need to be connected to get involved! Big things ahead! Tell a friend!

facebook twitter booooooom

07.05.09 by Jeff

Join our Twibes!

If you’re on Twitter you might already be up on Twibes. I personally hate the name (Elmer Fudd anyone?), but they allow people who share common interests to communicate with one another.

twibes booooooom hand drawn twitter group

I just launched two different Twibes:

Join the Booooooom Twibe.

Join the Hand Drawn Twibe.

07.11.08 by Jeff


I finally setup a Twitterfeed so now you can get notified of any Booooooom updates via Twitter! This is the internet equivalent of us becoming best friends! If you want to Tweet about Booooooom that would be awesome!