18.11.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: Ugo Gattoni’s Scarf Design for Hermès


Delightful animation of Paris-based illustrator Ugo Gattoni’s imaginary horse city slash scarf design for Hermès! Watch “Hippopolis” below!

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15.08.12 by Jeff

Bicycle by Ugo Gattoni

Bicycle book by Ugo Gattoni
Ugo Gattoni’s new leporello book looks fantastic. The book is the result of a 5-meter long drawing featuring bicycles in the streets of London. Watch a little video clip below!

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28.03.12 by Jeff

Le Buffet

Le Buffet Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess for Nobrow at the Hayward Gallery
Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess drawing together at Hayward Gallery for Nobrow, a couple months back. Watch the video below!

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