19.08.12 by Jeff

foooooood trucks @ the waldorf

foooooood trucks @ the waldorf

Delicious blueberry matcha from The Juice Truck.

18.08.12 by Jeff

sculpture by douglas coupland

sculpture by douglas coupland

30.07.12 by Jeff

Mount Pleasant Victory Market

Mount Pleasant Victory Market
Heads up to everyone that lives in my hood! On August 4th a bunch of really awesome vendors will be taking over the street! (Yes, I actually live in an area called Mount Pleasant – it rules!)


23.07.12 by Jeff

Playground / Bend Sinister

Playground 4: Bend Sinister The Road Divided
100 people packed into Zulu Records to collaborate with Bend Sinister for the latest installment of Playground. The last video (see here) kinda spelled out the process a bit more clearly but essentially this project is about changing the concert experience. People get to sing and play and create with a band rather than spectate.

Watch the performance below!

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12.07.12 by Jeff

Kutcorners / Summers Song

Kutcorners Summers Song
Kutcorners just released “Summers Song” and it’s killer. Wish I’d had it a couple weeks ago so I coulda stuck it in the Total Babes mix.

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10.07.12 by Jeff

Summer School / free classes

Summer School free classes in Vancouver
Good news Vancouver! Artists Erin Jane Nelson and Ming Lin were able to fully fund their project so they are coming to Vancouver to launch “Summer School”. They are gonna turn Project Space (Artist-Run-Centre) into a free pop-up art school from July 21-25!

Classes include mushroom-spore printing, indigo kites, air tasting, rainbow pasta, and strap weaving! Registration for classes is now open! Space is really limited so you better do it quick!

Sign up for classes, here.

10.07.12 by Jeff

Lisa Ochowycz

Artist painter Lisa Ochowycz
Paintings by Lisa Ochowycz.

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24.06.12 by Jeff

Papergirl Vancouver

Papergirl Berlin
Still from Papergirl #3 (Berlin)

“Give away what you’ve got!” Papergirl was originally started by Aisha Ronniger in 2006. It is an art project in which paper art is given away to unsuspecting people around Berlin via bicyclists. Over the years it has spread to other cities and now there is a Papergirl Vancouver. If you want to submit your artwork or be a bicycle delivery person jump over here.

I dug up the video I posted back in 2009, watch it below!

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