16.12.13 by Jeff

“Janky Town” by Rhek


“Janky Town” is an on-going series of drawings by Vancouver-based artist Alex Rhek. Lots more below.

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10.12.13 by Jeff

“The Artificial X-mas Tree”


I’ve never seen an animation released on Pinterest before but that’s the way DARE is sharing their tale about a fake tree who wants to be real.

The story features art by illustrator Grace Cho and animation by Eric Wada (both based in Vancouver). Each day leading up to Christmas another segment is added. Take a look, here.

25.11.13 by Jeff

Drew Young


I went to Drew Young’s show the other night and he was showing a whole bunch of these cut paintings. More below!

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06.11.13 by Jeff

James Blake + Nosaj Thing / Vancouver Concert Ticket Giveaway

James Blake + Nosaj Thing / Concert Ticket Giveaway

James Blake + Nosaj Thing / Concert Ticket Giveaway

Heads up Vancouver, James Blake is rolling through town on the 19th, playing Vogue Theatre with Nosaj Thing! I’ve also heard that James Blake’s dj collective 1-800-Dinosaur will be back here again in April. Anyways, this show is going to be epic and I have a pair of tickets to give away!

If you wanna go to the show tell me your favourite song by James Blake or Nosaj Thing in the comments below. If you have a story or specific memory tied to the song I wanna hear it!

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02.10.13 by Jeff

Ola Volo

Vancouver based artist illustrator Ola Volo

Works by Vancouver-based illustrator, Ola Volo. My favourite piece is her poster for the 25th Anniversary of Vancouver’s Dragon Boat Festival (at the bottom). I like the simple graphic style there, and the lovely way she incorporated the “25”. Take a look below!

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26.09.13 by Jeff

Kane Hopkins

Photographer Kane Hopkins

Photos by Kane Hopkins, Vancouver. More below!

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24.09.13 by Jeff

David Zilber

Vancouver-based photographer David Zilber

Photos by David Zilber. See more below.

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26.08.13 by Jeff

David T. Cho

Artist painter David T. Cho

Paintings by David T. Cho. Vancouver. More below!

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