29.05.13 by Jeff

Reka / Artist Profile

Reka / Artist Profile
Here’s a great artist profile on my man Reka, shot in London last year. He talks about his process and the journey of finding objects to paint on. Some beautiful shots in here, this is an artist profile done right!

Watch the video below!

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16.07.09 by Jeff

VNA #9 / Meggs

Vearly Nearly Almost issue #9, just appeared on my doorstep and Meggs has the cover! You better snag this one!

vna very nearly almost issue magazine meggs grafitti publication uk london australia
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14.11.08 by Jeff

Very Nearly Almost / VNA Mag

The good folks over at VNA Magazine (UK) sent over their latest issue and it’s a great little publication! VNA stands for “Very Nearly Almost” and could be a reference to narrowly escaping the long arm of the law as the mag primarily documents street art.

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