23.02.11 by Jeff

Melinda Josie

Watercolour works by Melinda Josie.

artist painter painting melinda josie
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15.05.09 by Jeff

Maria Vladimirova

Some sketches and drawings by Maria Vladimirova.

maria vladimirova
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14.04.09 by Jeff

Molly Brill

Watercolour paintings by Molly Brill. Ontario.

molly brill paintings watercolor painter
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08.04.09 by Jeff

Julien Kedryna

Abstract drawings by Julien Kedryna.

julien kedryna abstract drawings
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20.02.09 by Jeff

Kristin Elder

Digging these paintings by Kristin Elder. They all seem to have the playfulness and dark undertones of something like Alice in Wonderland.

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