10.07.14 by Jeff

Ngatai Taepa


Wood cut pieces by artist Ngatai Taepa. More below.

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07.01.14 by Jeff



Assemblage works by Sebastian Sdkaröe Daschner. Found in the January Submissions post. See more below.

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08.08.13 by Jeff

Drew Tyndell

Artist Drew Tyndell

Puzzle-like paintings on wood, by Drew Tyndell. More below!

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17.05.13 by Jeff

Laser cut record made of Wood!!!

Laser cut record made of Wood!!!
Nothing like listening to Radiohead on a piece of wood! Amanda Ghassaei is making her own records! Watch the video below!

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27.02.13 by Jeff

Takahiro Iwasaki

Artist Takahiro Iwasaki
A beautiful wood sculpture of a temple and its reflection, by Takahiro Iwasaki.

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10.12.12 by Jeff

Jaehyo Lee

Artist Jaehyo Lee
Wood sculptures by Jaehyo Lee.

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28.11.12 by Jeff

Merijn Hos

Wood sculptures by artist Merijn Hos
Wood sculptures by Merijn Hos.

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05.10.12 by Jeff

Morgan Herrin

Wood sculptures by artist Morgan Herrin
Hand-carved wood sculptures by Morgan Herrin.

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