21.10.13 by Jeff

Yeasayer “Glass of the Microscope” Official Music Video

Yeasayer Glass of the Microscope Official music video

Microsoft Kinect motion sensor camera used to great effect in Yeasayer’s “Glass of the Microscope” music video, directed by Ruben van Leer. Watch the music video below!

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18.06.12 by Jeff

Yeasayer / Henrietta

Yeasayer Henrietta music video by Yoshi Sodeoka
“Henrietta” by Yeasayer, visuals by Yoshi Sodeoka. Watch below!

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16.08.10 by Jeff

Yeasayer / Madder Red

“Madder Red”, by Yeasayer. Directed by Andreas Nilsson, featuring Kristen Bell. Safe to say we are in the “WTF” era of music videos?

Yeasayer Madder Red music video featuring Kristen Bell

Watch the music video below!

12.03.10 by Jeff


“ONE” by Yeasayer, teaming up once again with Radical Friend.

yeasayer ONE music video directed by Radical Friend

Watch the video below!

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05.03.10 by Jeff

Blogotheque / Invisible Children

I wish I had heard about this sooner! La Blogotheque is teaming up with Invisible Children to take The Polyphonic Spree and Yeasayer to Uganda, but they need your help!!!

They have five more days to raise a bunch more money! This is an amazing cause, let’s help them!


28.11.09 by Jeff

Yeasayer / Ambling Alp

Ambling Alp by Yeasayer. Directed by Radical Friend.

yeasayer ambling alp music video radical friend

Watch the video below (NSFW – Beware lots of naked people!)

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