08.05.09 by Jeff

Thanks YouWorkForThem! Pt. 2

In addition to the DVD, YouWorkForThem also sent over what appeared to be a newspaper but turned out to be a stack of beautiful newsprint posters. A total of 8 double-sided prints. Please, excuse these photos I was in a bit of a hurry and shot them off the wall in my kitchen. Thanks you guys!

ywft youworkforthem poster print newsprint
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08.05.09 by Jeff

Thanks YouWorkForThem! Pt. 1

The amazing folks over at YouWorkForThem just sent me over a bundle of goodies! The Interpretation is a beautifully abstract short film by Michael Paul Young (visuals) and Michael Cina (sound). It’s kind of like a deep sea episode of Planet Earth but all the creatures have been reduced to the essence of their form; a fish – a single stroke. The score is a mix of minimal electronic and natural ambiance and, when combined with the visuals, the mood is not unlike the Jaguar Shark scene in The Life Aquatic.

ywft booooooom youworkforthem michael cina michael paul young the interpretation dvd

You can watch the trailer for the film, here.

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16.12.08 by Jeff

This is Agostina

Awesome little video promoting Agostina, a fabulous new font designed by Michael Cina. Animation by Michael Paul Young and Lee Suetorsak. Soundtrack composed by Michael Madill. Download the quicktime here.

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