28.10.10 by Jeff

Chotto Omoshiroi

“Chotto Omoshiroi”, a little zine by Mogu Takahashi. It’s bundled with an A2 poster and my friend Amy will also give ya 10% off if you use the coupon code YAYPIKA.

Chotto Omoshiroi zine by Mogu Takahashi pikabooks pikaland
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06.08.10 by Jeff

Plugzine #4

Plugzine is a stunning over-sized loose-leaf publication from Beijing, and this issue is all black and white photography. Unfortunately, it may be hard to get your hands on a copy as they do not have a working website. Send Ron Tau an email if you’d like some more information.

plugzine photography black and white zine beijing china
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09.07.10 by Jeff


WAFA Collective just sent over a little zine, “Maps”.

wafa collective maps zine
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21.06.10 by Jeff


“Blind”, a zine by Ksone. 12 sentences and 12 blind drawings.

blind drawings
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18.06.10 by Jeff

Long White Fingers

“Long White Fingers”, an on-going collaboration between Ben Cort, Jake Wolf Miller, Nick Law, Trevor Clement, and Neilson Tam.

long white fingers photography zine
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15.06.10 by Jeff

Pedro Ramos

“Black Scabbard Research Centre”, by Pedro Ramos.

pedro ramos black scabbard research centre photo zine
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14.06.10 by Jeff

Joscha Bruckert + Andreas Till

“A man sat alone in his room”, by Joscha Bruckert and Andreas Till.

joscha bruckert andreas till photographers zine a man sat alone in his room
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