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5 Best Music Videos of 2008!

These are my picks for the 5 best music videos of 2008. If you think you already know all five, I’ll tell you that Bjork’s Wanderlust and Radiohead’s House of Cards did not make the cut! We can argue about my decisions in the comments if you’d like. I’ve tried to track down a streaming version and a high quality downloadable version of each video. Here they are:

5. Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze me (Andre Maat & Superelectric)

5 best music videos of 2008

The trick to this video could have become tiresome pretty quick but there are so many well though out sequences that it stays fresh until the end. I love the part where the colourbars become books.

4. Naive New Beaters – Live Good (MEGAFORCE)

5 best music videos of 2008

This is here simply because the amount of fun being had in this video is unparalleled and I have fun everytime I watch it. The techniques are a bonus. Enjoy.

3. Lykke Li – Im good, Im gone (Ted Malmros & Christian Haag)

5 best music videos of 2008

There is no trick to this video, it’s a simple live performance and it’s perfect. The video for the studio version was already fantastic but this is a masterpiece.

2. Justice – Stress (Romain Gavras)

5 best music videos of 2008

I almost feel like this video is here against my will. I assumed there was a message somewhere in this video but I’ve read statements by Gavras like, “Justice, So-Me and I have the same taste for cool things such as girls, sex, alcohol, fans, violence”. (source) He was referring to his documentary about Justice but it kinda soured me on him a bit. Regardless, the editing in this video is incredible. It is a perfect marriage between picture and sound. Violent and quite haunting.

Jus†ice, Stress from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

1.  Peter Fox – Alles Neu (Daniel Harder)

5 best music videos of 2008

This video is incredible. I can’t really put my finger on why it’s my favourite video of 2008 I just know I’ve watched it 99 times and it is still awesome. It seems like something Terry Gilliam might direct. This song also ranks extremely high on my other list: Songs I love but have no idea what they’re singing about. If you haven’t seen this video you have no idea what you’re in for.

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