How Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Meals

Hannah-Rothstein02Hannah Rothstein, “Piet Mondrian” (2014)

I hope all of you in the US enjoyed a great thanksgiving! San Francisco-based illustrator Hannah Rothstein imagines how famous artists would have plated their thanksgiving meals. These are really great! See images from the series below.

Hannah-Rothstein01Hannah Rothstein, “René Magritte” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein03 Hannah Rothstein, “Jackson Pollock” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein04 Hannah Rothstein, “Mark Rothko” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein05 Hannah Rothstein, “Georges Seurat” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein06 Hannah Rothstein, “Cindy Sherman” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein07 Hannah Rothstein, “Vincent van Gogh” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein08Hannah Rothstein, “Andy Warhol” (2014)

“Thanksgiving Special” by Hannah Rothstein

Via: Hyperallergic

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