“stick gardens” by Photographer Madeline Cass

A beautiful series by photographer Madeline Cass. Having graduated with a BFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2017, Cass currently explores the relationships between art, science, and nature through a variety of mediums including poetry, tattooing, video and installation. See more images along with her poem, “stick gardens,” below.

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joshua trees are not actually trees
giant flowers in the agave family
yucca moths copulate with blooms
both are white and ephemeral

datura takes off her clothes in the road, eat her and sin
pay attention to what grows in the ditches
truth consequences, an intersection

bush holds signs from god on highway 62
(he likes LSD but doesn’t drink anymore)
“are we having fun yet?”

dreams told me to listen to aliens,
horny cosmic stirring to become light
full moon rising on a mountainside of quartz

i mail opalescent rocks to
all of my lovers / sucked on them for hours
hot bodies on soft rocks – holding solar warmth
a bolder at the end of the day / vibrational mass

i am clean because i’ve sat out in the sun

sleeping through earthquakes
the hungry smell of a monsoon
observing petroglyphs observing me

i am a dead thing picked clean












































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