“Rose Garden” by Photographer Olivia Rae Harris

A selection of images from “Rose Garden,” by New York City-based photographer Olivia Rae Harris. Currently pursuing her BFA in photography at Parsons School of Design, Harris’ photography practice centers around life’s in-between moments, reflecting the personal changes she’s experienced during young adulthood. “Rose Garden” is about the last half year of her life:

This is a story about finding comfort in pride and grieving within comfort. Finding safety in queerness and the death of my character within safety. At home, they say, ‘Ohio is for lovers,’ and I return to see the smallest version of myself in the mirror of the bedroom I’ve grown up in my entire life. With my lover, I am discovering the most honest version of myself. In my lover, I have found the most honest version of a human being. When I stepped back onto Earth as my unhidden self, I uncovered my most heightened awareness of beauty and tragedy in our lives. ‘But the greatest of these is love.'”

See more from Olivia Rae Harris below!

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