12.08.09 by Jeff

Steve Sachs

Photos by Steve Sachs. New Jersey.

steve sachs photographer photography

steve sachs photographer photography

steve sachs photographer photography

steve sachs photographer photography

steve sachs photographer photography

steve sachs photographer photography

steve sachs photographer photography

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • JP

    That billboard shot is phenom! WOw! The other photos I am quasi on, but that billboard. Damn!

  • lapetitefaon

    These are all very clever and off just enough to be interesting. Big fan of the gold parkas, Eskimo fashion updated, strange, adorable photo.

  • parker

    The first one.. If he’s from nj maybe that’s the warwick drive in, if so that is the shitttt but drive in seasons

  • steve sachs is the mayne, mayne

  • casey

    he really nails what i know of jersey. it has a bland character but it`s still a character. he makes ugly landscapes and inanimate objects seem like ugly inanimate humans. there`s something pretty about that.

  • Michelle

    it’s definitely the warwick drive in, i compared it to my own photographs. i grew up in jersey and after moving away, his photos strangely remind me of home.

    i love ittt

  • Parker

    Ah, you have to love the Warwick Drive In. Hahaha.

  • mike

    is that warwick drive in? i live there and go all the time. i know a really good swim spot there too

  • mike


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  • hey, i just wanted to say thanks to everybody who took the time to look and comment and to jeff for posting my photographs. i truly appreciate it.

  • Nicole B.

    Love your photosss mann ;) I am bored at work and googled you to look at pictures and this came up! Way cool. I have a famous cousin.

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Are the Similarities Between Trump and Hitler TIME Covers Purely Coincidental?


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In both images the subjects are seated in chairs, but as Fader points out, notice the ominous shadow on the wall, and the way the colour of the backdrop complements the suit. For reference you can look through the past “Person of the Year” covers here.

Many are also suggesting that the “M” in TIME gives Donald Trump the appearance of having devil horns. Are people reading too much into this or were these intentional decisions? Have a look at both cover images below.

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