19.08.09 by Jeff

Mysterious Letters

This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton plan to write letters to everyone in the entire world. They have started by mailing personal handwritten letters, notes, and postcards to 467 households in the small Irish village of Cushendall. Nearly everyone in the village received something! It caused such a stir that BBC Newsline actually picked up the story. The two artists are now documenting the project on their blog, Mysterious Letters.

michael crowe lenka clayton mysterious letters project artist art cushendall

michael crowe lenka clayton mysterious letters project artist art cushendall

michael crowe lenka clayton mysterious letters project artist art cushendall

michael crowe lenka clayton mysterious letters project artist art cushendall

michael crowe lenka clayton mysterious letters project artist art cushendall

michael crowe lenka clayton mysterious letters project artist art cushendall

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  • Mary!

    Love this idea.

  • This is such a beautiful thing, for true. Reach out and touch someone. What’s not to dig about that? I may have to write about it. It makes me very happy indeed.

  • saraj

    i love these! so beautiful! graceful!


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  • last christmas i wrote beautiful cards for strangers. it’s really touching idea and i love ‘everyday’s mysterious things’

  • Lia

    This is beautifull. Just the other day i was thinking about good things people do, even though nobody notices. I think that i would love a letter from them.

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  • Granda

    Heart it!!! I wanna receive those SWEET postcards from Michael & Lenka.

  • Oh I love it! Beautifull idea!

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  • What a great idea! I wonder how people respond to receiving these? Are they pleasantly surprised or a little freaked out?

  • Hello Booooooom,

    this is 50% of Mysterious Letters, Michael. We’ve got a Kickstarter account for Mysterious Letters Part 2 that’s in dire need of support! If you do a feature on it we will spread superb rumours of your beauty and heavenly splendor forevermore.



02.12.16 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Dayoung Cho


Drawings by illustrator Dayoung Cho. More images below.

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02.12.16 by Jeff

Booooooom Reader Submissions: December


Here’s this month’s Reader Submissions post! Please share your work here if you’d like to be considered for a feature on Booooooom. The comments allow images to be attached so make sure post an image along with a link to your website.

One of the things that makes Booooooom unique is all the encouraging comments people send back and forth on these monthly submission posts. If you’re going to share your work please take an extra second to leave a nice comment on someone else’s work!

Voting up work is like high-fiving that person and it also helps us see what work you guys like! Remember, even if your work isn’t featured on the main site these posts can send some decent traffic to your portfolio! The link at the bottom will open up this full post, simply scroll down and use the commenting system to submit your work.


Submission guidelines:

 1. Please don’t flood the comments with a dozen images, just post 1 image that represents your best work along with 1 link.

2. If you see good work posted by someone upvote it so it appears at the top. This is not just a nice thing to do, it helps me see what work you actually like.

3. You can/should also encourage people who are sharing good work here! Comment on their posts and let them know you like what they’re doing. I really want to foster a community here, and this is a simple way you can connect with other people making work.

4. Keep in mind your post may not show up right away because it has an image attached. It may need to be manually approved first so don’t freak out and post a million times, once is enough.



02.12.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Roby Dwi Antono


A selection of surreal work by artist Roby Dwi Antono, based in Yoyakarta, Indonesia. Would love to see more work from this part of the world. Wow. If you know of others please send recommendations! More images below.

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Photographer Spotlight: Fred Lahache


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