01.12.09 by Jeff

Going West Stop-Motion Animation

This is what 8 months of work with a 10A scalpel blade looks like. London’s Andersen M studio put this together for the NZ Book Council.

nz book council going west andersen m stop motion animation

Watch the stop-motion animation below!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://www.doubleyouwhy.com wesley yendrys

    wow. just wow!
    I did a project working with paper, and I can’t even imagine the patience and precision this took.

  • http://www.myangelone.de angelone

    The best stop motion work i’ve seen this year.

  • http://www.scottfoto.blogspot.com Scott Clark

    Incredible work. Flawless and beautiful. A great study for anyone wanting to do stop-motion.

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  • http://rubenb.info Ruben B

    Wow, I’m speechless!

  • http://cartonesdeleche.blogspot.com/ ricardo vazquez

    /\/\/\really really osom/\/\/\

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  • http://www.coroflot.com/chris_p Chris

    oh man
    thats amazing

  • lapetitefaon


  • Joel

    wow… incredible!

  • http://www.thecheapershow.com Graeme

    If you are feeling this aesthetic, you have to check out Brian Dettmer’s work.
    Saw a show of his in Chelsea, NYC. You have to see these things in real life, you can’t get your jaw to close in their presence.


    • Bernardo

      Wow, that is amazing too!!

  • http://www.tysonfaa.com tyson faa

    I can’t imagine how much time went into this. I absolutely love the feel and tones, they are so wonderful! -tys

  • Bernardo

    The people who made this should set the example for what humankind should be and represent. Purely perfect amazing work!!

  • http://www.andychung.ca Andy

    Was that really all cut by hand? Looked laser cut…

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      yea all hand-cut.

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  • http://www.andreawan.com Andrea Wan

    Andersen M is awesome..I met the animator in Denmark -she was a guest teacher for a design course I took.

  • GEO

    that was amazing!

  • Erick Wibowo


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  • http://driftingcreatives.com Drifting Creatives

    Wow this is really delightful. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.dirtcheapmag.wordpress.com Dirt Cheap

    immense, we nicked it for our blog. Having done similar work for still and moving image this blew my mind…

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  • alpocity

    ahhh, this is wonderful.
    i make stop motion as well, it’s nothing like this, but i’d appreciate it if you’d give it a look :)

  • William

    Holy moley!