09.02.10 by Jeff

Scott Campbell

Laser-cut dollar bills by Scott Campbell.

artist tattoo scott campbell laser cut dollar bills

artist tattoo scott campbell laser cut dollar bills

artist tattoo scott campbell laser cut dollar bills

artist tattoo scott campbell laser cut dollar bills

artist tattoo scott campbell laser cut dollar bills

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://www.daily-illustration.blogspot.com Konstantin


  • http://www.emulsionapparel.com Dave

    wow, these are incredible.

  • http://www.paperschmaper.blogspot.com Krissy

    Amazing work. I totally have to repost this :)

    • http://artworkWebsite.com Nature Photography

      yeah right, i will repose it to. this is so incredible.

  • http://shakyfaces.tumblr.com DP

    oh lasers, where would we be without you?

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  • Savannah

    His tattoo work is incredible as well (similar style. similar mind boggling line work.)

  • Jennifer

    This is incredible! I love the last one!

  • http://artworkWebsite.com Nature Photography

    wow, amazing. its so nice. i love it.


  • http://www.derive-online.com Derive

    Wonderfully macarbre and quite apt considering the M.O. of the federal reserve!

  • http://www.dzivepasmuko.org/ kaulau


    jeesu hahaaaha he’s an eye candy

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  • http://www.Schroederville.com Sheryl

    WONDERFUL!!! So beautiful and painstaking, it looks.

  • aicharealsun

    I know his work through customized Camel Packs Project back in the days I used to work at Gyro Worldwide http://quakercitymercantile.com/ now. He is great!!

  • Jason Dorweiler

    His tattoo work is okay…good lettering style, I like these though. I think I saw them on found sometime earlier.

  • Bob the builder

    The work is nice, like everybody else has said. But I just have one question, when you create artwork with money do you need to notify somebody? Somebody in the government? Or else what happens to our American currency?

  • Tyler Austin Bradley

    I hope the man doesn’t come down too hard on Scott for defacing money.
    Sacrilege! Anathema! Right on!

  • bird

    these make me chuckle… cuts right to the heart of the matter. money, another form of idol worship.

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  • http://www.tattooson.com/ Tattoo Artists

    I like to advertise my site in your website. how can I contact you?

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  • http://gauravmishra.com Gaurav M

    Super CUT!

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