03.05.10 by Jeff

Julia Randall

Colored pencil drawings by Julia Randall. Connecticut.

artist julia randall colored pencil drawing lips lick line

artist julia randall colored pencil drawing lips lick line

artist julia randall colored pencil drawing lips lick line

artist julia randall colored pencil drawing lips lick line

artist julia randall colored pencil drawing lips lick line

artist julia randall colored pencil drawing lips lick line

artist julia randall colored pencil drawing lips lick line

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Moriah

    The possibilities of color pencils.

  • http://austinkellyfields.blogspot.com Austin Kelly Fields


  • Sarah The Barah The Blah Blah

    So real I couldn’t swallow my breakfast for a moment!!!

    • micaiah

      i thought it was real, if it is a painting then omg that is amazing, i couldnt eat either,and that says something cuz im the kind of person who will eat breakfast lunch and dinner watching surgery on the TV haha

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  • Penny Candy

    Delicious. Stunning.

  • Peter

    The tongue in the mirror is kind of creepy.

  • http://youcantfalloffamountain.blogspot.com youcantfalloffamountain

    Damn. So simple, yet says so much.

  • http://slangfromchaos.wordpress.com/ sarah

    So gross, but in a really, reall good way.

  • http://BASTARDSandWHORES.com Joe Scott

    The hummingbird one is the best. a spit bubble like a cosmic orb…?

  • http://donaldambroziak.com Ambroziak

    WHAAAT! talk about hyper realistic. I gotta get my colored pencils out and make a horribly failed attempt!

  • http://rachel.learnless.info/ Rachel

    Amazing work….1 st one is stunning…

  • http://www.deptm2.com mike

    wow the detail in these are amazing!

  • http://cargocollective.com/lackarzhao lackar

    I’m laughing and shocked. The works are stunning!

  • http://glassfawn.blogspot.com katiebird


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  • http://www.differentialdesign.blogspot.c paul sandip

    i am awestruck!

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  • lapetitefaon

    creepy good, and also just really creepy!

  • http://maxwellhartley.blogspot.com maxwell hartley

    what are the dimensions of these?

  • bryan


  • http://www.society6.com/studio/jessedraxler Jesse Draxler

    A lot of these images were used for the 2006 self titled Wires On Fire album.

    Such incredibly beautiful work.

    (The Wires On Fire album is choice as well.)

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  • http://lividcolors.blogspot.com marty mcfly

    proud to say this amazing artist taught me for a semester! if only drawing skills could be transmitted by osmosis alone… if only.

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  • http://suhailamar.com Suhail

    Ohhhh this is just incredible. pure genius.

  • Maw

    very luscious.

  • Giz

    Woah, this is amazing. Colour pencils are great!

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  • Internet Lurker.

    Looks sexy. 😀

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  • http://www.peterclothier.com Peter Clothier

    I find this work difficult to look at–always a sign, to me, that it’s worth thinking about further. Especially true when the sheer technical skill is so apparent. Glad I found your site.

  • http://www.backtoadamei.blogspot.com Juan Martín Adam

    all of those are made with colour pencils???

  • Tom

    Somebody is orally fixated

  • steven

    This artist seems to have an “oral” fixation.

  • Sage


  • http://tragicbeautiful.com/ Debra

    The detail on these is amazing! Beautiful!

  • danny

    I cant help thinking about the other thing this artist obviously loves to draw, but just wont post it

  • jess

    tongue fetish much?

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  • Louise

    This is so good I chose to use your pictures as my homework for art. Well done. I wish I will be a great artist like you one day. :) xx

  • http://armandocabba.com Armando Cabba

    crazy. Not sure if I should be turned on or scared.

  • http://twitter.com/Brimshack northierthanthou.com

    Very cool stuff.

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