03.05.10 by Jeff

Oliver Hibert

Paintings by Oliver Hibert.

oliver hibert artist painting painter

oliver hibert artist painting painter

oliver hibert artist painting painter

oliver hibert artist painting painter

oliver hibert artist painting painter

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Droolin

    these remind me of album covers.so sick

  • This is like Parra on acid.

  • Dea

    i love his work. its as if everything is moving, so unreal!

  • This is the shit I’m into.

  • Fabulous paintings…thanks for post..

  • This guy had to of watched a ton of ren & stimpy.


    Actually it looks just like keiichi tanaami work.

  • wolf

    parra on acid covers it quite well.

  • How funny, I thought this was me! Lovely work though! x

  • kaa blaaaaammm

    tripppy shit!!


  • WOOW!!!!! crazy work

  • That is really cool and I always been a fan of art work and drawings. I like it. I believe that all you need for a better drawing is creativity.

  • Nice stuff, I love the background on your blog, very creative, a bit disturbing :)

  • También me gusta harto saludos

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