28.11.14 by Jeff

How Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Meals

Hannah-Rothstein02Hannah Rothstein, “Piet Mondrian” (2014)

I hope all of you in the US enjoyed a great thanksgiving! San Francisco-based illustrator Hannah Rothstein imagines how famous artists would have plated their thanksgiving meals. These are really great! See images from the series below.

Hannah-Rothstein01Hannah Rothstein, “René Magritte” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein03 Hannah Rothstein, “Jackson Pollock” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein04 Hannah Rothstein, “Mark Rothko” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein05 Hannah Rothstein, “Georges Seurat” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein06 Hannah Rothstein, “Cindy Sherman” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein07 Hannah Rothstein, “Vincent van Gogh” (2014)

Hannah-Rothstein08Hannah Rothstein, “Andy Warhol” (2014)

“Thanksgiving Special” by Hannah Rothstein

Via: Hyperallergic

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

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    ha! nice.

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    That can’t possibly be true.. Lol.. Well I guess they have to stay fit for the public.. Me personally I don’t care what you look like.. Your good by my book til you cross me..

27.07.17 by Jeff

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“15/20” by Photographer Neta Dror


In 2011, Tel Aviv-based photographer Neta Dror photographed 6 Israeli teens, returning 5 years later to photograph them each again. Now in their 20s, Dror notes that the biggest change isn’t physical but emotional:

“It was incredible to see how differently they presented themselves to me and to the camera: all grew more confident and were less willing to expose themselves. It was clear they were now more aware of who they are and what part of themselves they wanted to show.”

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“Copy Kitty” by Illustrator Kyung Me

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Artist Spotlight: Vadis Turner

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