14.01.15 by Jeff

WTF Video of the Day: Stanford Student Solving Three Rubik’s Cubes While Juggling Them


Recently came across this insane video, from a couple years back, of Stanford student Ravi Fernando solving three Rubik’s cubes while juggling them. This is beyond comprehension.

Watch the video below, as well as another video I found of Ravi juggling and solving one Rubik’s cube, shot from the front, so you can get a better idea what’s going on.



Ravi Fernando’s Video on Youtube

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  • I can neither juggle or solve a rubix cube… I wonder if he looks down on us commoners.

    • hahah i can juggle…. for 3.2 seconds

      • caitlin

        lol at least u can juggle

  • caitlin

    same.. how is it even possible!? LOL i will be suprised if anyone tried more than 3….. -_- ;)

    • -_- hahaha

      • caitlin

        lol cant stop laughin. might try the rubiks cube challenge sumtime soon lol. but i migh fail ;-)


    Love how he does all of this while talking to people that start asking him questions.

    • Fitness_and_Biking

      I can’t even dance and stare at the same time.

  • That was…nutso. I’m so utterly impressed! I’m the type of person who turns a rubik’s cube a few times then whips it across the room in frustration ;)

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