21.04.15 by Zach Tutor

Alex Garant


I’m in love with these paintings of double visioned, multi-eyed women by Alex Garant who lives and works in Toronto, Canada.  You can see more of her beautiful work below.












Alex Garant’s Website.

Zach Tutor
Zach Tutor is an artist living in Oxford, Mississippi. He is creator & editor of Supersonic Art.

  • Eye Candy {fantastik}

    • .::Psyched Blog::.

      Lolz, eye see what you did there.

  • The extravagance around the eye’s is mesmerizing and the emotions of the entire image seems to be 10x’s more than normal by simply doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the windows to the soul. Simply magnificent.

  • Andy Kittmer

    Beauty work!

  • Lauren

    Super into this.

  • These mess with my eyes so much yet I still want to keep looking at them. Fascinating work!

    • Jonathan St Amant

      Yeah, it’s very dizzying at first

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