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Greetings from Mars by Julien Mauve




Greetings from Mars is a narrative photography series by Paris-based, author-photographer Julien Mauve. Mauve’s work involves staging conditions that highlight human behaviour. In this particular series, Mauve orchestrates stereotypical tourist poses that draw attention to how we tend to act in front of a camera or try to insert ourselves into the landscapes we inhabit. See more images below.

















Julien Mauve’s Website

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  • John Hall

    So good!!

  • Ricardo Voss Rossi

    For a moment i thought this where taken in San Pedro de Atacama, there is a placed called “Vale de la Muerte”, “Death Valley” but the name of the valley comes from its Mars-like, red appearance and was originally called Valle de Martes (Mars Valley), but Gustavo Le Paige (Jesuit Missionary/investigator who first named it), foreign pronounciation of Martes (Mars) soon became heard as Muerte (dead).

23.08.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Tylor Macmillan

A selection of work by Vancouver-based artist and designer Tylor Macmillan. See more below.

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23.08.17 by Jeff

POW! WOW! Israel 2017 Recap Video

Fafi, Drew Merritt, Cryptik, Cyrcle and others travelled around Israel and Jordan with Klone and the POW! WOW! crew, couch surfing, and painting murals together. Watch the video recap below.

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The Booooooom Creative Job Board

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, check out our new creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, art gallery positions, all kinds of creative work! Hootsuite just posted a job looking for a Graphic Design Lead here in Vancouver.

We’ll be adding more features to it in the coming weeks and doing everything we can to make it a great resource for you guys. There’s so much talent here in our community and we’d like to help connect you all with work!

Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

23.08.17 by Staff

Secret Studio Hidden Beneath Overpass by Designer Fernando Abellanas

Designer Fernando Abellanas has constructed a tiny studio beneath a busy overpass in Spain. Complete with movable walls, light furnishings and a hand crank that transports the structure along two metal rails, the micro-dwelling hangs high above the ground in a manner reminiscent to the kind of secret hideaway or fort one might have as a child. See more images by Jose Manuel Pedrajas below!

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22.08.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Peter Judson

A selection of works from a series by illustrator Peter Judson based on day to day images he shoots with his phone. See more below.

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